#SuperPups Wall of Fame

Brilliant Basil, super sweet!

Keen Keeva, the live wire!

Lovely Lola the pocket rocket!

Rambunctious Reuben, living life at 100mph

Amazing Ava, super intelligent

Clever Chloe

Clever Chloe, keeping mum and dad on their toes!

Marvellous Mabel

Marvellous Mabel, never misses a trick

Happy Hugo

Happy Hugo, always wagging


Awesome Archie, with so much energy and love to give!


Wonderful Willow, with a deep connection to mum


Bouncy Barney with lots to say


Fab Flint, always watching what's going on


Adorable Archie, a real softie


Wacky Wallace, keen to keep everyone happy

Willow and Lyra

Divine double act Willow and Lyra, practically inseparable now!

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Brilliant Basil, super sweet!