Physiotherapy Service

Arthritis in dogs is the most common condition I treat, dogs of all breeds, age and size can be affected as well as other small animals like cats and rabbits. Arthritis is painful and debilitating for animals and often you will see a slowing down and change in mood, reluctance to exercise and a struggle with stairs and jumping. Dogs are often very stiff, pant more and lick their joints, as they can't tell us they are in pain!

Physiotherapy involves lots of hands on techniques to help reduce pain and stiffness, improve the mobility of joints, treat muscular soreness and can make a big difference in improving the quality of life of your pet. I will treat your dog but most importantly teach you massage, stretches, exercises and give important advice on rehabilitation and home management which can make a huge difference.

I have treated hundreds of people with arthritis over my 17 years as a human chartered physiotherapist but as many dogs in my 14 years as a ACPAT Veterinary physiotherapist. If you or anyone else you know suffers from arthritis you will understand what your dog maybe going through.

For more information please email me, or book in at Kebir House Veterinary Practice in Northallerton where I run a monthly clinic.