While your animal is under going treatment at Kebir House Veterinary Practice we would like to ask that you notify us if your animal is insured and if you are going to need to claim for treatment.

Please ensure you understand what your insurer’s procedure is for completing claims; either they will contact us directly via email once you have informed them there is a claim, or if they will require a completed claim form from you to proceed.

We would like to ask all our insured clients to please pay upfront for any treatment your animal requires. We understand this might not always be possible, so we would ask that you gain prior agreement with management beforehand, should this be the case.

What happens next?

Once we have been given a claim form from you or you have notified us you wish to claim, we will then begin to collate evidence and verify the specific information required for a claim, along with a signed declaration from the vet treating your animal.

Please note there is an administration charge for this service;

*Initial Insurance Claim £18.04 – This is for all new conditions.

*Continuation Insurance Claim £12.88 – This is for any ongoing illnesses being treated.

Once the claim and all necessary paperwork have been sent to the insurance provider we will contact you and inform you of the amount claimed for. If your provider requires any further information from us to be able to validate your claim they will either contact you or us.

Direct payments

When payment is sent directly to us we will notify you, providing a breakdown of what was covered and what was declined, if anything. This allows us to update you on your account balance.

Please note a claim can take up to 4-8 weeks to process, so if you have not heard from us regarding a settlement, please contact your insurance provider for an update.


*The administration fee cannot be claimed back from your insurance company. This charge is also a one off fee per claim.