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Our vets provide bespoke herd/flock health services to local dairy, beef, sheep, pig and goat farms.

We aim to develop a close working relationship with all our farmers to provide the best possible service ensuring best practice and profitable enterprises.


Reproduction management:

  • Routine on farm health and fertility visits 

  • early pregnancy diagnosis from 28 days post service.

  • Bench marking and target setting for each farm with regular performance reviews.

Mastitis tracking:

  • 365-day Herd health planning to assist with treatment and culling decisions

  • Ongoing and regular monitoring of mastitis, SCC and Teat end scoring analysis.

  • Proactive approach to selective dry cow therapy with adherence to Farm Assurance Guidelines

Infectious disease control:

  • Regular monitoring of infectious disease status

  • Development of control and eradication programmes 

  • Assistance with vaccination protocols

  • Biosecurity plans

  • TB advisory service

Lameness and Locomotion:

  • Herd planning to reduce lameness incidence

  • Treatment for individual cows as appropriate

  • Training provision through workshops and foot trimming courses

  • Advice about prevention

  • ROMS Accredited

  • Delivering the Healthy Feet Programme (AHDB)

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Flock health plans, to fit with farm assurance requirements, and to monitor disease incidence and flock productivity.  Flock health plans include lameness, nutrition and vaccination protocols.

Ram breeding soundness examinations. Pre purchase, pre-sale certification or problem bull examination which includes a full health check of the animal, reproductive examination and sperm analysis.

Routine surgeries – kid disbudding, dehorning, castration and vasectomies.

Lameness advice and treatment protocols to decrease the incidence of lameness in the flock.


Parasite control


In house faecal worm egg counts (same day results if samples provided by 12 noon!)


External laboratory fluke and lungworm counts (results in 3 days)

Allowing tailored parasite control, avoiding resistance



Our flock health clubs enable you to spread the cost of preventative treatment whilst receiving the best, bespoke, flock health advice. In addition to all the advantages listed below, we also offer 4 free meetings per year in which we discuss specific disease and health issues.

Bronze - 5 Faecal worm egg counts (FEC) OR 5 blood samples & a 45 minute annual flock health visit with written plan

Silver - 10 FEC OR 10 Blood samples & a 90 minute annual flock health visit and written farm plan

Gold  10 FEC OR 10 Blood samples & a 90 minute annual flock health plan with written farm plan & 1 Tup fertility test at the practice.

For more information & prices, phone the practice on 01609 772036

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