Product Exporting

We have six product export qualified official veterinarians.

We have several years' experience dealing with all animal products, including dairy, meat, egg and poultry.

We have exported to countries in every continent except Antarctica!


Live Animal Exporting

Our live animal exporting vets are flexible and experienced, working with you to accommodate the requirements of your individual recipient country.

As clinical veterinary surgeons we are in daily contact with all domesticated species, and are careful, considerate and knowledgeable when carrying out inspections. 

Pet Exporting

Emigrating is a stressful experience, and when you are planning to take your pet with you this can be magnified.

Our calm, understanding and knowledgeable pet exporting team can help reduce this stress by guiding you through the process and supporting you in your preparations for removal.

Pet Travel

Our Pet travel team are also able to help with passports and preparation for holiday travel.


Our pleasant, well-organised and flexible exporting team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please telephone 01609 772 036 for more information.