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Our vets have a wealth of expertise in equine medicine and are able to provide the following routine services:

  • Vaccinations

  • Investigations of respiratory disease

  • Medication discussions

  • Export horses

  • Routine dental work

  • Sedation for Equine Dentist or Farrier

  • Mare and foal check-up

mare and foal.jpg

Our vets are available 24 hours a day for colics and other emergencies. We have contacts with a local equine ambulance and a good working relationship with a referral hospital for emergency cases.

Kebir House provides the veterinary cover for local showjumping competitions and race meets; our vets very much enjoy seeing your horses showing themselves to advantage in the ring or on the course.


Our vets are committed to combating resistance in equine parasites and for this reason we offer regular faecal egg counts to all our clients. This is free with our Equine Health Plans! (See below for details).

Why not get together with a group on your yard and have a chat with our vets about a year-round parasite prevention plan?


horse eating.jpeg

One of our favourite parts of the job is really getting to know you and your horses well. To this end we frequently hold Equine Meetings during which we discuss issues of interest to our clients, such as infectious disease or preventative medicine, usually over a tasty buffet!

These evenings are always very well received and much enjoyed by both vets and clients.

Take a look at our Equine Health Plans to help spread the cost of routine treatment

whilst ensuring your horse or pony receives the best care!

KHV equine health plan 1.jpg
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