Costs will vary depending on the procedures and the nature of your pet's illness.

However, as a guideline, we have listed below costs of our routine treatments.

Consultation (Normal Hours) £23.09

Female Cat/Kitten Spay:       £85 - £95

Male Cat/Kitten Castration   £50 - £60

Female Dog Spay 5-10 kg    £160 - £170

Female Dog Spay 20 kg       £170 - £190

Female Dog Spay 30 kg       £230+

Male Dog Castration (5-10 kg)    £120 - £130

Male Dog Castration (10-20 kg)   £130 - £150

Male Dog Castration (20-30 kg)    £150 - £160

Male Dog Castration (30 kg+)   £170+

Female Rabbit Spay (4 months) £120 - £135

Male Rabbit Castration (4 months) £80 - £90

Please note that these costs do include:

Hospitalisation for the day of the surgery

Medications whilst anaesthetised

Post-anaesthetic recovery food to go home

A free post-op check three days following the surgery


Please note that these costs do not include:

Any medications, bandaging or Elizabethan collars that are required at home

If you would like a more detailed estimate based on the exact weight and age of your pet please ask the vet when booking or admitting your pet.


Our Prescription Service

Prescriptions are £15 and can be written for up to 6 months supply of one drug, but this is at the vet’s discretion.

Please note that animals on prescription medication are required to be seen every 6 months for a health check. This is a legal stipulation to ensure we are prescribing to animals under our care.

For further information please speak to a member of the team.